Disk Doctor Pro: Free Up Space App Reviews

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Freed up over 60GB!

I had the older verison of Disk Doctor, and I didn't mind at all paying for this newer version. This is why… I have had the same basic image that I have transitioned through all of my Macs, spanning back to the first Leopard release of the OS many years ago. I’m fairly tech-savvy and good at managing space, but as you can imagine…I’d allotted a lot of ‘hidden’ files and applications over time that I have no need for — but weren’ta ble to track down. Some I had forgotten about, some I wouldn’t have bena ble to know about. I first did a TIME MACHINE BACKUP, like the Disk Doctor Pro people recommend — and then I safely went from ~4GB fo space earlier in the day to now having 100GB! Disk Doctor Pro saved me more space than even its clean, as it gave me a ‘hint’ on where to look for other bulky files, based on the ones it recommended for deletion. Long story short — this app paid for itself many times over within minutes. Even if you are a good ‘space manager’, this is an app really worth having and will pay for itself…if not today, then a bit down the road.

Disk Doctor Pro

Overall, it’s a pretty good application. Thank you to the developer for addressing notification sound. I don’t mind paying for upgrades, developers have to make money. It’s odd how some users firmly believe that once they pay for an application, they are entitled support forever. What an interesting bubble to live in. Keep up the good work.

Do not buy it...

This devloper will release new versions of their progrmas instead of updating the older versions and charge the same ammount of money as the older releases. There is little to no support for older progrmas, just a cash grab. Apparently, the devleoper didn’t like my original post and decided to reset the rating of this particular program…

Cleared 20GB - great app

A useful tool that digs deep to find all the files that end up clogging my Mac. I keep getting hounded by the 'Startup disk nearly full' message and had to take action when my free space was down to only 3GB. The scanning was very quick and immediately told me that I could save up to 65GB on my Mac. 65GB is a massive amount, and I decided to keep some of the files that were adding space to my system, and delete many of the others. I used the displayed information, selected some files and cleared nearly 20GB just like that. I will use this app regularly to keep my Mac running efficiently with plenty of storage.

Great disk cleaning app

Lived up to its claims. Freed up 47gb of junk files from my 2016 Macbook Pro Retina. A lot of these were old message app chat attachments, uneeded installer packages and outdated backup files. Good job!

Do not buy, wipes out Photos and other files.

I used this app once and it messed a lot on my iMac. It wiped out Photos, iMovie, iBooks, 1Password, Banktivity and who knows what else I haven’t found yet. I’ve deleted this app and will never use it again. $10 later and all I have to show is multiple hours wasted restoring files from backups and reparing the damage done. Do not buy, terrible app. I’ll contact your support, though all I can tell you is these apps were all fine and immediately after running Disk Doctor Pro I went into the Photos app and it behaved as if I’d never opened it and created a new library. I had to restore my library from a backup. After that I began checking other apps and found the same issue for iMove, iBooks, 1Password, and now Banktivity.

A fantastic upgrade, after 6 years with the original

I upgraded to Disk Doctor Pro after using the original version for 6 years. This new ‘pro’ version has several new cleaning features that makes it a worthwhile upgrade and definitely makes it unique amongst the alternatives on offer. If you don’t already have the original app, getting the Pro version is a no brainer and if you are someone who always wants the best, then you can’t go wrong with a brand like this. I found many additional files to delete when running this app for the first time and freed up more than 20gb. I did not have any problems with my Photos, iMovie, 1Password etc, all continued to work perfectly after running the app.

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